6 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2024

6 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2024

Need some inspiration to get your business on the fast track? In celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we’ve rounded up six women entrepreneurs who are making waves in the business world. Armed with grant funding, they’re not just breaking barriers; they’re building empires. From tech and sustainable fashion to healthcare and delicious food, these go-getters are rewriting the rules!

In this blog post, we’re showcasing real women making real moves. Learn how they are using grant funding as more than just a boost—it’s the game-changer that’s propelling these entrepreneurs to success and proving that with the right support, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

Here are 6 Women Entrepreneurs on the Rise

1. Josie Piper - Fickl App

Founder Josie Piper is successfully building Fickl into the ultimate marketing management tool for small & micro-enterprise owners. Fickl empowers small business owners to benefit from great marketing, no matter how limited their resources.

Josie has leveraged hiring grants and digitization funding to propel her tech innovations forward. 

Read more about Fickl’s funding journey here.

Josie Piper Fickl Pocketed Grant Platform

2. Nihal Elwan​ - Tayybeh

Founder & CEO Nihal Elwan of Tayybeh Foods is building a successful social enterprise, caterer and food processor that aims to provide refugee Syrian women with employment, financial security and social integration by offering and highlighting their delicious and healthy cuisine.

Nihal has leveraged hiring grants to build her team, creating more employment within her community.

Read more about Tayybeh’s funding journey here.

Nihal Elwan Tayybeh Foods Pocketed Grant Platform

3. Vivian Liu - Making Auto Easy

Founder Vivian Liu is transforming the car sales industry in creating Mae, the friend that gives women the tools to understand and confidently choose the right vehicle for them, without intimidation, gender dynamics or confusion.

Vivian recognized the value of grants early and has accessed wage subsidies to support marketing, data analysis, and more.

Read more about MAE’s funding journey here.

Vivian Liu Making Auto Easy Pocketed Grant Platform

4. Chelsee-Marie Pettit - Aaniin

Founder Chelsee-Marie Pettit is building a powerful Indigenous retail brand that carries 35 other Indigenous brands and businesses in-store and online. They aim to have a Canadian department concept in the next 5 years – empowering Indigenous artists and creating revenue streams for Indigenous brands and businesses.

Chelsee-Marie has leveraged corporate competitions to boost Anniin’s profile and raise cash flow quickly and effectively. 

Read more about Aaniin’s funding journey here.

Chelsee-Marie Pettit Aaniin Pocketed Grant Platform

5. Michele McCrea - Guardavent by Karymi

Founder Michele McCrea in”vent”ed GuardaVent because she saw an opportunity to make floor vents safer for kids. It stays in the floor and protects against the hazards of open floor vents, keeping small hands out of big trouble so parents can keep their kids safe while letting them play freely.

Michelle leveraged important funding early to secure a patent for her product while she builds.  

Read more about Guardavent’s funding journey here.

Michele McCrea Guardavent Pocketed Grant Platform

6. Abby Chow - Venturous Counseling & Consulting

Founder + Clinical Director Abby Chow is reimagining counseling with Venturous, a fully women-run, BIPOC & LGBTQ-led business that brings community back to mental health by offering beyond the talk, multidisciplinary services that give back.

Abby has secured $190,000 in hiring and digitization funds to build Venturous and extend its impact. 

Read more about Venturous’ funding journey here.

Abby Chow Venturous Counseling Pocketed Grant Platform

Women Entrepreneurs are making an impact

These six women are reshaping the business landscape and making real moves to propel their business success. They are leveraging grant funding to build strong business foundations and break barriers across tech, sustainable fashion, healthcare, and food.

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Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

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