Pocketed SME Spotlight: Guardavent by Karymi

Meet Guardavent by Karymi | A #PocketedSMESpotlight 💡​

GuardaVent is a vent cover, but better! It stays in the floor and protects against the hazards of open floor vents, keeping small hands out of big trouble so parents can keep their kids safe while letting them play freely.

You can follow their journey through their socials here.

“The GPRIN grant allowed me to have a patent pending status on my invention which is something I needed in place before I started manufacturing.

– Michele McCrea, Founder

How they've used Pocketed to access grant funding

Through Pocketed, Guardavent by Karymi has pursued over $10,000, allowing them to patent their product and bring the product to market.

Grants they’ve accessed so far:

  • GPRIN Grant (Grande Prairie Regional Innovation Network)

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