Pocketed SME Spotlight: Venturous Counselling + Consulting

Meet Venturous Counselling + Consulting | A #PocketedSMESpotlight đź’ˇ

Venturous Counselling and Consulting is a fully women-run, BIPOC & LGBTQ-led business that brings community back to mental health by offering beyond the talk, multidisciplinary services that gives back.

You can follow Venturous’ journey through their socials here.

“Grants have helped us have more capacity to promote and expand our reach. They’ve also been great to infuse more community into our staff team, getting connected with folx we are hoping to serve in a different capacity too!”

– Abby Chow, Clinical Director

How they've used Pocketed to access grant funding

Venturous and their amazing team have been able to harness the power of grant funding to secure over $150,000 in funding for their business!

As valued Pocketed Concierge members, we’ve helped them identify and access grants for hiring, digitization, and market expansion.

Grants they’ve accessed so far:

  • Venture for Canada
  • CDAP
  • SWPP
  • Riipen
  • BCTech Startup

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