Pocketed SME Spotlight: Borrow Me Baby

Pocketed SME Spotlight: Borrow Me Baby

Meet Borrow Me Baby | A #PocketedSMESpotlight 💡

Designed by parents for parents, Borrow Me Baby is a one-stop shop for all parents and caregivers to borrow the most sought-after baby products from their community baby product pool.

You can follow their journey through their socials here.

“Through the Pocketed platform we have identified countless grants and made note of the requirements so we are prepared when the time comes. Also as a Pocketed member, we’ve taken advantage of many of the amazing webinars offered FOR FREE and have learnt so much along the way. Like Pocketed, Borrow Me Baby is 100% women-led.”

– Kerry Campbell, Co-Founder

How they've used Pocketed to access grant funding

Through Pocketed, Borrow Me Baby has pursued over $100,000 in various grants and also accessed many of our free webinars.

Grants they’ve accessed so far:

  • WomensNet Amber Grant: Mini Grants
  • Launch Online Grant Program
  • Desjardins GoodSpark Fund

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