Top 10 Canadian Accelerators and Incubators for Startups

Which is right for you?

So, you’re looking for an accelerator or incubator to propel your business growth? You may have already read our ‘Is an Incubator or an Accelerator Right for My Startup?’ blog (if not, we suggest you check it out!) but where can you start your search for the right organization for your company?

The answer is right here at Pocketed!

With over 180 partners across North America, we have connections at most of the major accelerators and incubators you may be considering.

Haven’t considered any yet? Check out our list below and find the right fit for you 😃

1. HATCH Venture Builder (entrepreneurship@UBC)

The HATCH Venture Builder, run by entrepreneurship@UBC and the Institute for Computing Information and Cognitive Systems, helps to drive UBC’s innovation community.

The program is competitive and requires at least one team member to be a UBC student, faculty member, staff member, or a recent alumnus (within 5 years of graduation).

HATCH offers collaborative space in two spaces across the UBC campus, and one location downtown Vancouver at UBC Robson Square.

Best for: UBC-based innovators solving pressing world problems through innovation.

2. Creative Destruction Lab

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a competitive global accelerator for scalable, technology-based companies operating in a variety of industries.

The program includes mentorship, opportunities to raise capital, advice on tech roadmaps, and business development support from students.

The non-profit has locations in 10 North American and European cities.

Best for: massively scalable, technology businesses

3. League of Innovators

League of Innovators is an entrepreneurial community for Canadian youth, empowering them to create the future they envision for our world.

The LOI Labs accelerator is a no fee, no equity, no strings attached opportunity for founders 25-years old and under to receive 12-weeks of support, community, and resources to accelerate their growth.

Best for: Young entrepreneurs across Canada.

4. Volta

Volta is Canada’s East Coast innovation hub for everything from co-working space to business mentorship. Founders can apply to become a Volta resident and receive more than $50,000 in resources.

While note necessarily an accelerator themselves, the organization offers many similar resources and even provides a program, LEAP, that helps prepare entrepreneurs for an application to an accelerator like CDL or Y Combinator.

Best for: Atlantic Canadian high-growth startups in the tech and med-tech spaces.

5. Spring

As an impact driven startup accelerator, Spring focuses on three key objectives: entrepreneur development, ecosystem development, and investment development.

The team has supported over 2,100 entrepreneurs and serves as an important global ecosystem partner of innovation.

Best for: Global impact startups.

6. New Ventures BC

New Ventures BC (NVBC) offers a 3-month accelerator service to tech startups looking to make an impact in the British Columbian region.

The program accepts businesses who are in both the ideation and early growth phases, and these participants can be either generating revenue or pre-revenue.

The team has supported more than 3,100 entrepreneurs!

Best for: BC-based businesses operating in the technology sector.

7. Haltech

Haltech is one of 17 Regional Innovation Centres across the province of Ontario. This non-profit corporation aims to support a strong, innovative economy through education, mentorship, strategic connections, and curated resources.

The team has supported more than 1,000 clients in the digital media, clean tech, health tech, edtech, and fintech industries.

Best for: Ontario-based innovators operating at any business stage.

8. WEtech Alliance

WEtech Alliance is another one of 17 Regional Innovation Centres across the province of Ontario, with a focus on building a sustainable and diverse economy. Specifically, this organization focuses on the Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent communities.

Best for: Ontario-based innovators with a focus on sustainable innovation.

9. LatAm Startups

LatAm Startups is a non-profit accelerator in Toronto that is exclusively focused on supporting international startups and newcomers to Canada. This organization is a designated sponsor for Canada’s Startup Visa program.

The Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator Program is a six-month program supported in part the NRC IRAP and leads 10 companies through a variety of learnings including funding opportunities, IP strategy, and hiring new talent.

The program only requires a $500 company contribution to participate.

Best for: International businesses developing in IP in Canada or newcomer founders.

10. DMZ (Toronto Metropolitan University)

One of 10 innovation zones at Toronto Metropolitan University, the DMZ is the #1 ranked university-based tech incubator in the world. Equipping entrepreneurs with the tools they need to successfully build the future of tomorrow fuels their mission for equitable growth.

The DMZ offers access to capital, coaching, operational support, and a rich network of innovators.

They have incubated over 722 businesses and have contributed to over $1.7B in funding raised. Their impact stretches across 10 borders as well!

Best for: High-impact Canadian tech startups.

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