Pocketed 2.0 Launch Blog

Pocketed is being redesigned!

It's a season of redesign at Pocketed.

First came our website (which launched mid-June). And now we’re redesigning our entire user platform from top to tail! 


We are deeply committed to your experience using the Pocketed platform.  

After talking to 150+ users this spring, we are getting even more clarity into why you come to Pocketed and your goals for the experience.  

In our mission to simplify access to funding, we are refining our UI to be even more simple, intuitive, and seamless from the moment you login. 

Getting funding is a celebration! 

We believe it is possible to feel inspired and delighted while planning your business finances. 🤩

That’s why we chose a fresh white canvas with lighthearted textural elements to help inspire you while you’re working on your grant applications. Check out these Before/After shots of our website to see it in action! 



Announcing Pocketed 2.0!

The inside of our platform will look a lot different soon. Here are some of the main changes you can expect when it arrives.  

Refined search

Pocketed 2.0 will walk you through the grant application process with even more insightful recommendations to help you through the process.  

We know the government ultimately funds projects. The key to finding the right grants is to frame your business goals accordingly. Soon, you’ll be able to search for grants that align with these project frameworks so you can get right to applying.  

Pocketed Intelligence 

Leveraging AI to simplify funding is our game.  

That’s why we’re creating a premium feature to help you slash the time it takes to complete a grant application! We can’t wait to show you how elegant and effortless it will be to quickly apply for grants and move your business goals forward. 

Excited yet? We are too!! 

Inspired to redesign?

There are some great grant programs available to help you leverage digital solutions for your business.  

The Federal government recently launched the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, specifically geared towards businesses looking to “increase their competitiveness in the digital economy”.  

You can read more about the eligibility requirements here. 


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