Goodlawyer and Pocketed are Partners: How Can We Help You?!

You read that title right! Goodlawyer and Pocketed have partnered up and there are so many ways we can help your business.

For Pocketed, partnering with businesses that we believe in is key. 🔑

Goodlawyer offers top-notch, affordable legal services to small businesses that deserve choice. Now that’s a mission Pocketed can get behind.

Beyond that, their services can help Pocketed users and our services can help theirs! We’d consider that a win-win, wouldn’t you?

But we bet you’re wondering how exactly this collaboration is going to impact you and your business? Well, let’s show you!

Before applying for a hiring grant

So, what happens when you need to hire new talent but don’t have the money? A grant would probably help with that — right?

As both a Goodlawyer and a Pocketed user, you can leverage the Pocketed platform and team to access non-dilutive funding and then get help from the Goodlawyer team to make sure your business is in good legal standing to actually use this grant (think, am I incorporated?).

Now, let’s say your business is legally ready to apply for this grant opportunity. What’s next? You’ll need to write and submit your application, and sometimes, this can be a long and daunting process. But don’t worry, Pocketed has your back!

Okay, here is the situation. You have identified a grant that you really want to apply for, but you don’t know how, or maybe you simply don’t have the time. Pocketed can connect you with a grant writer for direct support so you don’t have to do it yourself! Did we mention we’ve secured over $3.2M in hiring grants for our users over the past month?

Pocketed is proud to offer these direct services to all Goodlawyer users.

And if you are still searching for further insight on the grant process, attend one of our Grants 101 webinars or check out one of our informational blog posts!


Once you get pre-approval for the hiring grant

You’ll probably want to figure out taxes, expenses, deductions — all of the scary things about funding that don’t have to be scary anymore, because you’ve got the team to support you!

Let’s say you dove straight into the world of hiring grants without too much upfront planning. That’s okay! This is the point when you need to hire an employee.

Some grants will require you to find an eligible candidate before applying, but most will let you do that after you’ve been pre-approved!

And insider tip: if you are pre-approved for a hiring grant but you don’t find a hire, you won’t be penalized!

After you have found a hire

You hired! Yay! 🎉 Now what? Well, first you’ll submit your candidate and role for final approval (but that’s easy). More importantly, your new hire will need an employment contract or agreement! If you’ve never created one of these before, this may be a scary proposition.

Thankfully, this is where Goodlawyer steps in! Goodlawyer is proud to offer Pocketed user’s direct access to downloadable agreement templates for your employees. Check them out at this link!

With Goodlawyer, you can also connect for general advice, chat with Goodlawyer’s concierge service, or be connected to a business lawyer directly. All of these resources will help you craft the perfect employment agreement.

And let’s say you already have an agreement; you can also book a contract review or revision session through Goodlawyer!

Checkout this employment agreement walkthrough on Goodlawyer’s blog!


Now you can see why we’re so excited about this partnership! Two Canadian tech startups helping entrepreneurs succeed!

Funding and legalities — two scary concepts that often make people shy away from starting their own business. But now, the perfect partnership is here to help!

Interested in learning more about Goodlawyer’s services? Book a free call!

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