Governmental Vs. Non-Governmental Grants

Before you dive deep into the grant world, it might be nice to know where your grants are coming from. Plus, we even pulled some hot grants for you to explore! 😉

United States


1. NASE Growth Grant

Source: National Association for the Self-Employed

2. Awesome Disability Grant

Source: The Awesome Foundation

3. Interns With Impact

Source: 80/20 Foundation

1. National Dislocated Worker Grants Program

Source: U.S. Federal Government

2. Minnesota Job Creation Fund

Source: Government of Minnesota

3. Ohio International Market Access Grant for Exporters

Source: Government of Ohio


Gov vs. private grants #2

1. Film and Video Individual Project Funding

Source: Alberta Foundation for the Arts

2. BC Tech Co-op Grant

Source: Innovate BC

3. CMF — Conceptualization Program

Source: Canada Media Fund

1. Market Readiness Program

Source: Government of Ontario

2. Red Seal Trades — Apprenticeship Completion Grant

Source: Canadian Federal Government

3. Talent Opportunities Program

Source: Canadian Federal Government

Gov vs. private grants #3

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