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Introducing Flexible Grant Search in Pocketed Enterprise: Easy and Intuitive - like Google for Grants!

At Pocketed Enterprise, our mission is to empower businesses, consultants, accountants, and grant writers, to thrive and succeed. We’re excited to introduce a major upgrade to Pocketed Enterprise’s grant search capabilities, designed to make your experience even more efficient. 

Listening to Your Needs

Hearing your feedback, we realized that searching Pocketed Enterprise should feel as easy and reliable as a Google search. In response, we’ve extended the search capabilities beyond customer profiles and our matching algorithm so it’s flexible and responsive to your thought process. You can now perform keyword or keyphrase searches and have unrestricted access to our full database!

We heard three primary requests related to search:

  1. Search by keyword: Our users wanted it to feel as easy as Google – to enter a keyword or keyphrase and quickly see results. 
  2. Open access: Our users didn’t want to feel restricted to searching within customer profiles or our matching algorithm.
  3. Easier filters: Our users wanted an intuitive filtering experience that was easier to navigate.

The result? Our customers were agitated by a challenging search process that left them unsure whether they were seeing all possible options for given grant criteria. They wanted a seamless grant search experience that felt as intuitive and reliable as Google, but within the power of Pocketed’s funding database!

To address these challenges, we are excited to release more flexible Grant Search!

What You'll Find in our Flexible Grant Search

Keyword Search: You can now search by keyword and keyword phrase so it’s easier than ever to find relevant grants and make client recommendations.

Open Access: You can now openly query our database to discover grants within any scope of business or project.

Streamlined Filters: We’ve completely revamped the grant and project filters so you can better sort and assess your results, leading to faster recommendations for your clients!

Insights from our CTO

“We’re excited to make Pocketed Enterprise feel like “Google for Grants”. Our more flexible grant search will speed up how you find programs and make recommendations to your clients. It’s practical and intuitive, and will add considerable efficiency to your workflow.”

– Aria Hahn, Pocketed CTO & Co-Founder

Whether you’re looking for specific customer profiles, conducting keyword searches, or using streamlined filters, we’re confident that these upgrades will transform the way you discover funding opportunities.

Ready to Explore the New and Improved Grant Search?

Unlock the power of Pocketed Enterprise’s Flexible Grant Search Feature today. To learn more and get started, visit our website or reach out to our support team at hello@hellopocketed.io.