Sneak peek of Pocketed Enterprise custom notifications

Introducing Custom Notifications in Pocketed Enterprise: Never miss a funding opportunity!

At Pocketed Enterprise, our mission is to empower businesses, consultants, accountants, and grant writers, to thrive and succeed. We’re proud to be continually improving on Pocketed Enterprise based on our clients’ invaluable feedback to enhance our product and meet your business needs.

Our Customers Asked, We Listened!

In our regular customer feedback sessions, one of the most frequent requests was for a way to personalize and tailor notifications for their specific requirements. Funding programs tend to open and close quickly and unannounced. Case in point – one popular hiring grant program was open for a mere 72 hours from the application intake opening!

We heard three common requests related to notifications:

  1. Show programs related to specific criteria: Our users wanted to receive notifications based on specific program details and grant criteria. 
  2. Make the notifications flexible: Our users wanted to be able to set, edit, or remove filters as their client base grows and evolves.
  3. Communicate updates regularly: Some customers preferred seeing notifications in-platform, while others wanted an email notification alert as an additional reminder. 

The result? Our users were concerned about missing important program additions and updates for their clients. They wanted an easy and flexible way to stay on top of all new and updated opportunities that fit their specific program criteria.

To solve these pain points, we are excited to introduce new Custom Notifications!

What You'll Find in Custom Notifications

Create Custom Notifications: We’ve made it simpler than ever to create and view custom notifications. With our intuitive notification wizard, you can set up a custom notification based on specific program criteria (Ie. program value, province, funding type, etc.) and name it according to your preference.

In-platform Notifications: You’ll receive a notification in the bell icon whenever a program within those filter parameters is added or updated.

Email Alerts: You’ll also receive a weekly email digest of all your notifications so you can easily stay on top of your new funding opportunities.

What Our CTO Has to Say

“Pocketed Enterprise is driven by our customers’ needs and aspirations. Custom notifications will transform the speed at which you’re able to discover and make funding recommendations for your clients. We believe it will greatly enhance your ability to add value to your clients’ experience.”

– Aria Hahn, Pocketed CTO & Co-Founder

We’re passionate about supporting your business growth and success. The Custom Notifications Feature is one more way we provide you with the tools you need to make informed non-dilutive funding decisions. 

Ready to Elevate Your Business with Pocketed Custom Notifications?

Unlock the power of customized funding updates today with Pocketed Enterprise’s Custom Notifications Feature. To learn more and get started, visit our website or reach out to our support team at