Pocketed SME Spotlight: Crying Out Loud

Meet Crying Out Loud | A #PocketedSMESpotlight 💡

When someone in your life is going through something hard and you don’t know what to say (or gift!), Crying Out Loud is the ultimate destination for supportive, uplifting gifts for those who need them most.

You can follow their journey through their website here.

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Our Visa She’s Next grant allowed us to rebuild/redesign our website as well as work with a social media strategist. It allowed us to make an investment in growing our brand awareness and brand engagement that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

– Sarah Keast, Co-Founder

How they've used Pocketed to access grant funding

Through Pocketed, Crying Out Loud has pursued $30,000 through the Visa She’s Next Program allowing them to revamp their online presence!

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