Pocketed SME Spotlight: MODASTY

Meet MODASTY | A #PocketedSMESpotlight 💡

MODASTY is the first and only global online marketplace for modest and cultural fashion to help women shop conveniently. With a vast selection of hundreds of modest fashion lines, shoppers can effortlessly explore their perfect ensembles.

You can follow their journey through their website here.

Grants have had a profound impact on MODASTY by allowing us to hire talent, increase product offerings, increase marketing efforts, improve website experience, improve sales conversion rate, and improve customer service experience. Altogether, this helps us continue to help women globally find the fashion they are looking for, and help minority-owned small retailers succeed – while simultaneously revolutionizing the under-served industry of modest fashion.

– Roa’a Mashaleh, Founder & CEO

How they've used Pocketed to access grant funding

Through Pocketed, MODASTY has pursued $65,000, allowing them to expand their business through hiring, marketing, web design, and more!

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