Top Grant Trends in 2023: How to Secure Funding

In the dynamic world of grants and funding, keeping up with trends is essential for organizations seeking financial support. In this blog, we’ll explore the top grant trends in 2023 that can skyrocket your chances of securing funding. Whether you’re a nonprofit, a researcher, or an entrepreneur, understanding these trends will empower you to navigate the world of grants effectively. 

So, what are these top grant trends in 2023 that can supercharge your grant-seeking efforts? Let’s find out!

Unleashing the power of AI for grant applications

Say goodbye to tedious grant application processes! AI is revolutionizing the way grant applications are written. By harnessing the potential of AI, you can streamline your grant-application efforts, generate project ideas, and get content ideas for your proposal. We’re just at the beginning of learning how AI will start to revolutionize the grant funding world.

Funding the future: AI, clean tech, and innovation in agriculture

Is your business focused on a priority area for the government? Governments are recognizing the urgent need for innovation and sustainability, particularly in the agriculture industry. That’s why they are prioritizing funding for projects that incorporate AI, clean technology, and innovation. By investing in AI, governments aim to catalyze breakthroughs in automation, machine learning, and data analytics to drive innovation forward. Simultaneously, the focus on clean tech and innovation promotes sustainable practices, renewable energy solutions, and advanced farming techniques for a greener future with food security.

Embracing diversity: funding for underrepresented voices

As we navigate our way out of the pandemic, there’s a growing emphasis on directing funding towards addressing the inequities that have surfaced during these challenging times. Investing in diverse candidates and organizations is a key priority. By allocating resources to bolster diverse leadership, we can ensure that decision-making processes become truly inclusive, reflecting the diverse needs and perspectives of our communities. This intentional distribution of resources not only acknowledges marginalized voices but empowers them to shape the recovery efforts.

The tech revolution: streamlining grant processing

The labor shortage resulting from the CRA strike has posed significant challenges to the processing of grant funding. However, every challenge presents an opportunity for innovation. In this case, funders are learning to leverage technology, automation, and AI to streamline and expedite the grant application process. By incorporating these advancements, it will reduce processing time, ensure equitable access to grants, and foster a more efficient and transparent system.

Top tips to get ahead grant trends

Now that you know the latest grant trends, how can you maximize your chances of success and learn how to secure funding? Here are our best tips:

  1. Tech is your ally: Embrace technology tools and platforms that streamline the grant application process. Online submission portals, grant management software, and data analytics tools are your secret weapons. Pocketed helps you do that! Our platform matches grants to your organization, saving you valuable time.
  2. Research, research, research: Take a deep dive to find grants that align with your goals. Explore government programs, private foundations, corporate initiatives, and international funding opportunities.
  3. Collaboration is key: Seek out partnerships with organizations, universities, or individuals to enhance the impact of your grant proposal. Expand your network to tap into resources and better qualify for grants. There is a lot of funding for technological advancements so it would be worthwhile to build your network in a way to include those resources in your projects.

Top 3 grants to pursue in 2023

In 2023, certain grant categories are expected to shine. Consider exploring these top grant opportunities: 

  1. Environmental grants: With climate change pressing upon us, grants supporting renewable energy, conservation, sustainable agriculture, and climate resilience projects are on the rise.
  2. Technology grants: Exciting opportunities lie in grants that foster technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and clean technology.
  3. Social impact grants: Addressing social issues like poverty, inequality, education, healthcare, and mental health will remain significant in 2023. Focus on proposals that offer innovative solutions and measurable impact.

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In a nutshell

Staying informed about grant trends is your key to success. Adapt your strategies, follow our tips, explore the best grant opportunities, and position yourself for funding success in 2023. 

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