The boxing loft

Pocketed SME Spotlight: The Boxing Loft

Meet The Boxing Loft | A #PocketedSMESpotlight 💡​

The Boxing Loft is a boutique boxing and wellness studio that helps clients resolve the common barriers to wellbeing. They are passionate about helping clients transform their whole health without nonsensical restrictions.

You can follow their journey through their socials here.

“With Pocketed, my business was rewarded with the Digital Transformation Grant and, more recently, the e-Commerce Plan. The grants I’ve received thus far have put my business in a better position to rebuild.

– Emile Reed, Owner & Founder

How they've used Pocketed to access grant funding

Through Pocketed, The Boxing Loft has pursued over $4,900, allowing them to grow and rebuild their business.

Grants they’ve accessed so far:

  • Digital Transformation Grant
  • The e-Commerce Plan


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